Binary trading signals, for all traders, all brokers, that WIN.

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Our signals are tested fully in all market conditions. We tell you the exact trade to place, with the asset, the expiry time, and the direction. Just follow us.

All Brokers

You can use our signals with your current broker. Our signals have been tested and work with every binary options broker available.

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Use our signals for as long as you like. Download free updates, and get access to all of our trades for a one time fee, with no extra charges.


We have a very simple process, with the goal of making you money.

You are sent exact signals that tell you the direction of the trade, the asset, and the expiry time to set.

You can receive the signals on your PC, MAC, Phone or E-mail.

Once you receive the Binary Strategy signal, you place the trade manually, and cash in.

The image on the right shows you an example signal. It is a PUT (down) signal, for the USDCHF pair, with a 15 minute expiry time.


We went into the development process with a single strategy in mind. Yet, naturally over years of testing and analysis a second strategy came to fruition. We decided to keep both strategies, Valor, and Spirit. This gives you, two methods for the price of one.
The Valor strategy is built on very strict principles, with trade logic that forces extremely reliable signal opportunities.

This strategy is based on the holy grail of technical analysis, divergence. Our goal is to recognize the imbalance between price, and oscilator. In doing so we can sell near the top or buy near the bottom of a trend.

The benefit of this strategy is that it utilizes a very low risk approach. When you are buying at the bottom, or selling at the top the risk of losing is very small. Which makes divergence perfect for binary options.

The Spirit strategy is heavily focused on Normal Divergence, which allows for ample trading opportunities without sacrificing safety.

The beauty of this strategy is that price and momentum almost always move together. So when they are not, it’s easy to see that the price and the oscillator are diverging from each other.

This makes divergence simple, but profitable, as it is useful in spotting a reversal in momentum or a weakening trend that can be taken advantage of.



Here you can see our winning percentage on multiple pairs over the past 30 days, with both the Valor and Spirit strategies.

As we complete more tests we will add more pairs here so you can check back from time to time and see what pairs are currently boasting the highest winning percentages.

USDCHFCALL2021.05.28 22:300.899080.899312021.05.28 22:45:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.28 21:150.770490.770732021.05.28 21:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.05.28 17:450.860530.859132021.05.28 18:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.28 15:150.90260.902332021.05.28 15:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.28 13:000.89910.898882021.05.28 13:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.28 06:45109.925109.9112021.05.28 07:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.27 23:30109.828109.8292021.05.27 23:45:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.05.27 17:301.220331.220162021.05.27 17:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.27 13:301.209571.209872021.05.27 13:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.27 13:151.210241.209572021.05.27 13:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.27 12:000.7740.774082021.05.27 12:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.27 09:001.412011.411492021.05.27 09:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.27 08:151.21291.212662021.05.27 08:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.27 07:150.897030.897122021.05.27 07:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.27 06:301.575931.574882021.05.27 06:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.27 02:15109.16109.142021.05.27 02:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.26 23:451.212671.211482021.05.27 00:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.26 20:450.898680.898292021.05.26 21:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.26 18:300.897540.897652021.05.26 18:45:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.05.26 18:00109.042109.0192021.05.26 18:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.05.26 16:300.865430.865252021.05.26 16:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.26 16:301.578081.577712021.05.26 16:45:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.26 13:001.417051.417082021.05.26 13:15:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.05.26 12:150.864250.864542021.05.26 12:30:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.26 10:300.77740.777912021.05.26 10:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.26 09:150.89550.895282021.05.26 09:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.26 09:151.224411.22462021.05.26 09:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.26 06:300.894610.894752021.05.26 06:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.26 04:300.895670.895552021.05.26 04:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.26 01:45108.812108.7862021.05.26 02:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.25 20:451.415821.415512021.05.25 21:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.25 16:001.579361.578932021.05.25 16:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.25 16:000.775840.77622021.05.25 16:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.25 14:001.415781.415972021.05.25 14:15:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.05.25 09:301.223021.225022021.05.25 09:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.05.25 09:000.896620.896412021.05.25 09:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.25 09:001.204581.204112021.05.25 09:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.25 09:001.222391.222872021.05.25 09:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.25 09:000.775350.775892021.05.25 09:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.25 04:301.577121.577212021.05.25 04:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.25 04:150.775960.775122021.05.25 04:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.25 03:151.205431.205292021.05.25 03:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.24 21:301.204561.205022021.05.24 21:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.05.24 20:301.575741.575842021.05.24 20:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.24 20:300.775120.775062021.05.24 20:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.24 17:000.775020.774922021.05.24 17:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.24 11:45108.935108.9172021.05.24 12:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.24 11:001.416741.416342021.05.24 11:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.24 08:301.41561.415322021.05.24 08:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.24 04:301.207531.206842021.05.24 04:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.24 04:301.41381.414192021.05.24 04:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.24 02:450.897360.897512021.05.24 03:00:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.24 00:001.415261.41542021.05.24 00:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.24 00:00108.893108.872021.05.24 00:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.21 23:45108.942108.8932021.05.22 00:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.21 18:001.575491.575082021.05.21 18:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.21 15:00108.827108.8032021.05.21 15:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.21 13:300.777510.777072021.05.21 13:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.21 12:001.20731.206412021.05.21 12:15:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.05.21 09:150.861920.862092021.05.21 09:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.21 07:45108.755108.7762021.05.21 08:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.05.21 04:000.86270.862662021.05.21 04:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.21 03:150.896710.896852021.05.21 03:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.21 03:151.205721.205942021.05.21 03:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.20 23:301.206261.206182021.05.20 23:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.05.20 22:151.571851.572092021.05.20 22:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.20 19:451.573361.572782021.05.20 20:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.20 19:301.572931.573362021.05.20 19:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.20 16:450.777220.777192021.05.20 17:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.20 11:451.574291.574262021.05.20 12:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.20 04:001.211431.212632021.05.20 04:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.05.20 03:451.574441.575152021.05.20 04:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.20 03:150.904280.904082021.05.20 03:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.19 21:150.903420.90292021.05.19 21:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.19 21:151.211441.209942021.05.19 21:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.19 21:15109.218109.1742021.05.19 21:30:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.05.19 20:151.573811.573832021.05.19 20:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.19 19:000.86220.862262021.05.19 19:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.19 17:000.77570.774222021.05.19 17:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.19 16:450.899720.900242021.05.19 17:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.05.19 13:150.862370.861842021.05.19 13:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.19 11:00109.08109.0362021.05.19 11:15:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.19 10:450.86180.86212021.05.19 11:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.19 09:301.205841.206112021.05.19 09:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.19 07:451.207451.20732021.05.19 08:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.19 01:30108.916108.9132021.05.19 01:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.19 00:15108.872108.8842021.05.19 00:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.18 21:15108.874108.8862021.05.18 21:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.18 20:45108.904108.9052021.05.18 21:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.18 15:450.896590.897092021.05.18 16:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.18 15:150.896980.897132021.05.18 15:30:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.18 15:150.780820.780532021.05.18 15:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.18 13:151.203811.204022021.05.18 13:30:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.05.18 12:001.566281.566252021.05.18 12:15:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.18 10:151.201471.201652021.05.18 10:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.18 09:301.203061.203242021.05.18 09:45:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.05.18 09:000.858820.858732021.05.18 09:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.18 06:450.901590.901962021.05.18 07:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.18 04:300.902370.902422021.05.18 04:45:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.18 00:150.776340.776662021.05.18 00:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.17 18:000.860240.860292021.05.17 18:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.17 15:30109.267109.222021.05.17 15:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.17 11:150.902670.902552021.05.17 11:30:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.17 10:450.774970.775212021.05.17 11:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.17 09:451.210781.210812021.05.17 10:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.17 05:450.90260.902452021.05.17 06:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.17 03:300.902240.902182021.05.17 03:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.14 22:000.778650.778392021.05.14 22:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.14 15:300.903080.90342021.05.14 15:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.14 15:150.903370.903082021.05.14 15:30:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.05.14 10:00109.387109.3962021.05.14 10:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.14 09:151.564751.564282021.05.14 09:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.14 06:301.565171.564962021.05.14 06:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.14 03:300.906260.906182021.05.14 03:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.05.13 16:001.565091.565952021.05.13 16:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.13 15:450.772290.771922021.05.13 16:00:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.13 13:451.215281.214872021.05.13 14:00:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.13 13:150.769360.769412021.05.13 13:30:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.13 11:000.770750.771312021.05.13 11:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.13 09:001.56631.565242021.05.13 09:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.13 08:451.565561.56632021.05.13 09:00:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.05.13 08:301.21291.212482021.05.13 08:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.13 08:301.56521.565562021.05.13 08:45:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.05.13 06:301.564141.564082021.05.13 06:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.13 04:451.210431.21062021.05.13 05:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.13 04:450.774530.774172021.05.13 05:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.13 01:450.773230.773052021.05.13 02:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.12 15:450.90550.904742021.05.12 16:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.12 11:451.556411.554732021.05.12 12:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.12 10:450.90380.904382021.05.12 11:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.12 04:001.551491.551252021.05.12 04:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.12 00:001.210021.209932021.05.12 00:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.11 23:151.413941.414242021.05.11 23:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.11 21:301.215031.215192021.05.11 21:45:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.11 20:451.215731.215842021.05.11 21:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.11 17:000.785540.784472021.05.11 17:15:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.05.11 16:15131.862131.8362021.05.11 16:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.11 16:000.78310.782662021.05.11 16:15:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.05.11 15:30132.065132.0972021.05.11 15:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.11 13:15108.767108.6982021.05.11 13:30:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.05.11 09:301.213581.213692021.05.11 09:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.05.11 09:001.548881.550182021.05.11 09:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.11 08:450.783940.783932021.05.11 09:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.11 08:301.209181.20892021.05.11 08:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.11 08:000.782480.783142021.05.11 08:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.11 08:00108.811108.8182021.05.11 08:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.11 04:001.411661.411862021.05.11 04:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.11 04:001.210921.210952021.05.11 04:15:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.05.11 04:001.212821.2132021.05.11 04:15:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.05.11 04:001.093031.093242021.05.11 04:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.11 03:451.210581.210922021.05.11 04:00:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.05.11 03:15132.151132.1042021.05.11 03:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.11 00:001.209511.210212021.05.11 00:15:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.05.10 23:451.209991.209512021.05.11 00:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.10 22:001.548771.548292021.05.10 22:15:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.05.10 21:151.094551.094112021.05.10 21:30:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.10 19:450.786240.786332021.05.10 20:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.10 17:001.545791.544712021.05.10 17:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.10 17:000.78660.787872021.05.10 17:15:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.05.10 14:451.093741.093862021.05.10 15:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.05.10 11:451.21691.217062021.05.10 12:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.10 11:300.786740.787372021.05.10 11:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.05.10 10:450.901660.901032021.05.10 11:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.10 08:301.404891.404872021.05.10 08:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.10 08:300.865280.865292021.05.10 08:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.05.10 01:301.095861.095532021.05.10 01:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.10 01:15108.483108.552021.05.10 01:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.10 00:150.868740.868632021.05.10 00:30:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.05.07 23:451.212641.212092021.05.08 00:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.07 22:300.785120.784762021.05.07 22:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.07 09:300.908010.907842021.05.07 09:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.07 09:301.217771.217282021.05.07 09:45:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.07 09:301.205281.205712021.05.07 09:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.07 09:151.217091.217772021.05.07 09:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.05.07 09:15131.65131.5832021.05.07 09:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.07 08:001.206391.206422021.05.07 08:15:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.05.07 08:00131.587131.5822021.05.07 08:15:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.05.07 04:451.548831.549222021.05.07 05:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.07 04:15109.148109.1522021.05.07 04:30:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.05.07 03:15109.022109.052021.05.07 03:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.05.06 22:301.09581.095482021.05.06 22:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.06 21:45109.027109.0392021.05.06 22:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.06 21:30109.032109.0272021.05.06 21:45:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.05.06 21:001.205621.205582021.05.06 21:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.05.06 21:000.868240.867862021.05.06 21:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.06 17:15109.121109.1532021.05.06 17:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.05.06 16:001.095991.09512021.05.06 16:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.06 16:001.557051.556592021.05.06 16:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.06 15:451.55571.557052021.05.06 16:00:00LOSS
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.06 15:301.390281.390512021.05.06 15:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.05.06 11:451.555011.554322021.05.06 12:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.06 08:450.913590.913612021.05.06 09:00:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.06 06:001.200011.200022021.05.06 06:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.06 05:451.22791.228142021.05.06 06:00:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.05.06 04:30131.285131.2492021.05.06 04:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.05.06 04:301.096961.096832021.05.06 04:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.05.06 03:15131.18131.1342021.05.06 03:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.06 03:150.862960.8632021.05.06 03:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.05.06 03:151.096661.096672021.05.06 03:30:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.05.06 03:15109.257109.232021.05.06 03:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.05.06 02:45131.153131.1492021.05.06 03:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.05.06 02:30131.145131.1532021.05.06 02:45:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.05.06 01:451.096331.096332021.05.06 02:00:00TIE
EURUSDPUT2021.05.05 23:151.20051.200242021.05.05 23:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.05.05 23:001.200281.20052021.05.05 23:15:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.05.05 22:301.550171.549952021.05.05 22:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.05 20:001.227631.227562021.05.05 20:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.05 18:000.775030.775012021.05.05 18:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.05 17:450.774840.775032021.05.05 18:00:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.05.05 15:45131.15131.1552021.05.05 16:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.05.05 15:30131.172131.152021.05.05 15:45:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.05.05 14:450.913020.913132021.05.05 15:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.05 13:450.773880.773712021.05.05 14:00:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.05 13:300.862980.863172021.05.05 13:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.05 13:300.773670.773882021.05.05 13:45:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.05.05 11:301.552591.553392021.05.05 11:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.05 09:30109.441109.4352021.05.05 09:45:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.05.05 05:45131.276131.3162021.05.05 06:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.05 05:30109.273109.2072021.05.05 05:45:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.05.05 05:150.864210.864492021.05.05 05:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.05 05:000.86430.864212021.05.05 05:15:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.05.05 04:001.555631.555752021.05.05 04:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.05.05 03:451.55631.555632021.05.05 04:00:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.05.05 00:301.557321.55752021.05.05 00:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.04 23:150.913130.913082021.05.04 23:30:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.05.04 23:151.201971.201832021.05.04 23:30:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.04 23:150.771380.771192021.05.04 23:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.05.04 21:151.230521.230942021.05.04 21:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.05.04 18:151.234261.232012021.05.04 18:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.05.04 18:150.866030.866112021.05.04 18:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.05.04 15:301.097371.097452021.05.04 15:45:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.05.04 14:45131.279131.3792021.05.04 15:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.04 11:451.388381.386972021.05.04 12:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.04 04:300.912590.912512021.05.04 04:45:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.05.04 04:301.204761.2052021.05.04 04:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.04 03:300.912120.912082021.05.04 03:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.04 03:301.389381.390162021.05.04 03:45:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.05.04 03:300.774890.775342021.05.04 03:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.05.04 03:151.389611.389382021.05.04 03:30:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.05.04 03:151.205461.205412021.05.04 03:30:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.05.03 23:301.228281.227452021.05.03 23:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.05.03 22:00131.654131.6032021.05.03 22:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.03 15:45109.319109.3792021.05.03 16:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.05.03 15:30109.351109.3192021.05.03 15:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.05.03 14:300.91370.913662021.05.03 14:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.03 14:150.913540.91372021.05.03 14:30:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.05.03 13:451.558061.558472021.05.03 14:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.03 10:30109.664109.612021.05.03 10:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.05.03 10:001.098871.098192021.05.03 10:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.03 10:000.772180.772812021.05.03 10:15:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.05.03 08:300.870250.870182021.05.03 08:45:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.05.03 08:150.870070.870252021.05.03 08:30:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.05.03 08:151.557791.558212021.05.03 08:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.05.03 05:450.913940.913912021.05.03 06:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.03 05:300.913770.913942021.05.03 05:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.05.03 05:150.913680.913772021.05.03 05:30:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.05.03 04:001.383351.383322021.05.03 04:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.03 04:000.773140.772792021.05.03 04:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.05.03 03:150.913280.913072021.05.03 03:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.05.03 03:15131.549131.5932021.05.03 03:30:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.05.03 03:151.098361.098542021.05.03 03:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.05.03 01:150.912810.912672021.05.03 01:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.05.03 01:15109.335109.3312021.05.03 01:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.05.03 00:150.911880.911872021.05.03 00:30:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.05.03 00:151.556491.557962021.05.03 00:30:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.05.03 00:150.771840.771742021.05.03 00:30:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.30 23:301.559421.559032021.04.30 23:45:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.04.30 23:151.097791.09782021.04.30 23:30:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.30 23:151.559421.559422021.04.30 23:30:00TIE
EURCHFCALL2021.04.30 18:001.098071.098572021.04.30 18:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.30 17:151.229081.228052021.04.30 17:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.30 16:150.871210.870752021.04.30 16:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.30 15:450.870720.870692021.04.30 16:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.30 15:451.55851.557532021.04.30 16:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.30 15:00108.919108.9412021.04.30 15:15:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.04.30 07:151.557071.557112021.04.30 07:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.30 04:001.212211.212332021.04.30 04:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.30 03:001.558941.559612021.04.30 03:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.30 02:301.394881.395132021.04.30 02:45:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.04.30 00:301.10131.101422021.04.30 00:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.30 00:150.90840.908332021.04.30 00:30:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.04.30 00:151.101341.10132021.04.30 00:30:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.29 23:000.908260.908372021.04.29 23:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.29 22:001.559431.559282021.04.29 22:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.29 22:000.777570.777542021.04.29 22:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.29 21:450.777250.777572021.04.29 22:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.29 17:300.776060.77592021.04.29 17:45:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.04.29 17:151.231531.231342021.04.29 17:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.29 17:000.911190.910582021.04.29 17:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.29 17:000.777050.776622021.04.29 17:15:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.04.29 15:30109.013108.9112021.04.29 15:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.29 11:451.55781.55772021.04.29 12:00:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.29 11:450.777620.777752021.04.29 12:00:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.29 11:301.230751.230822021.04.29 11:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.29 11:300.777780.777622021.04.29 11:45:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.04.29 10:451.555161.55582021.04.29 11:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.29 08:151.395511.395382021.04.29 08:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.29 08:151.213451.213342021.04.29 08:30:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.29 06:451.394251.394452021.04.29 07:00:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.29 06:451.231031.231072021.04.29 07:00:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.29 06:451.212641.212622021.04.29 07:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.29 06:150.778860.778912021.04.29 06:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.29 06:15108.612108.622021.04.29 06:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.29 06:000.909180.909182021.04.29 06:15:00TIE
EURAUDCALL2021.04.29 05:001.55431.55522021.04.29 05:15:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.29 04:30131.754131.7522021.04.29 04:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.29 04:301.103561.103622021.04.29 04:45:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.28 21:45131.784131.7752021.04.28 22:00:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.28 21:451.103051.103272021.04.28 22:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.28 21:45108.641108.6832021.04.28 22:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.28 14:150.87050.870182021.04.28 14:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.28 14:000.870140.87052021.04.28 14:15:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.28 11:00131.637131.6122021.04.28 11:15:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.28 09:151.105881.106032021.04.28 09:30:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.28 08:300.869420.869612021.04.28 08:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.28 00:150.913390.913452021.04.28 00:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.28 00:001.208891.208952021.04.28 00:15:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.04.27 22:000.869490.86932021.04.27 22:15:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.27 21:301.208961.208592021.04.27 21:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.27 21:301.104651.104762021.04.27 21:45:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.04.27 21:151.556231.556112021.04.27 21:30:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.27 21:150.776210.776862021.04.27 21:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.27 21:001.554971.556232021.04.27 21:15:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.27 18:300.86750.867822021.04.27 18:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.27 18:000.86820.868332021.04.27 18:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.27 17:450.912960.912762021.04.27 18:00:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.04.27 14:001.208391.208132021.04.27 14:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.27 13:151.389481.389622021.04.27 13:30:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.27 13:000.914110.914152021.04.27 13:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.27 10:000.916550.916012021.04.27 10:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.27 09:450.916350.916552021.04.27 10:00:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.27 08:451.389491.389322021.04.27 09:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.27 08:450.779780.779882021.04.27 09:00:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.04.27 04:30108.28108.2762021.04.27 04:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.27 03:150.780080.779842021.04.27 03:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.27 01:45130.703130.6922021.04.27 02:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.27 01:45108.159108.1662021.04.27 02:00:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.04.27 00:301.548141.548362021.04.27 00:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.26 22:001.239931.240182021.04.26 22:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.26 21:451.549541.549122021.04.26 22:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.26 20:001.208911.208722021.04.26 20:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.26 19:300.870540.870472021.04.26 19:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.26 18:15130.633130.6422021.04.26 18:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.26 18:00130.573130.6332021.04.26 18:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.26 18:000.780910.780342021.04.26 18:15:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.26 17:15130.31130.3132021.04.26 17:30:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.26 16:001.386861.38722021.04.26 16:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.26 15:001.208261.208412021.04.26 15:15:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.26 15:00130.502130.5332021.04.26 15:15:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.26 14:450.915790.915722021.04.26 15:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.26 14:151.389861.390162021.04.26 14:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.26 12:001.390451.391472021.04.26 12:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.26 10:000.9140.913292021.04.26 10:15:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.26 09:450.913610.9142021.04.26 10:00:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.26 09:451.105711.105262021.04.26 10:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.26 09:150.871340.871082021.04.26 09:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.26 05:001.245691.245622021.04.26 05:15:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.04.26 03:451.246141.246722021.04.26 04:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.26 03:451.105351.105612021.04.26 04:00:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.04.26 03:450.775880.775692021.04.26 04:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.23 20:00130.399130.3892021.04.23 20:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.23 19:151.207031.207082021.04.23 19:30:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.04.23 19:001.206831.207032021.04.23 19:15:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.23 17:30130.227130.2092021.04.23 17:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.23 17:150.916210.916082021.04.23 17:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.23 11:301.559121.558392021.04.23 11:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.23 09:30107.953107.9222021.04.23 09:45:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.22 20:151.383541.383832021.04.22 20:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.22 19:301.553741.554482021.04.22 19:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.22 18:151.555021.554992021.04.22 18:30:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.04.22 17:00129.991129.7972021.04.22 17:15:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.04.22 14:001.556041.555432021.04.22 14:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.22 13:450.914460.915312021.04.22 14:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.22 13:301.55541.555362021.04.22 13:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.22 13:150.914740.914792021.04.22 13:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.22 13:001.103031.102612021.04.22 13:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.22 12:451.102761.103032021.04.22 13:00:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.22 10:151.204681.20452021.04.22 10:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.22 04:000.863620.863852021.04.22 04:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.22 03:301.203321.203632021.04.22 03:45:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.22 03:00130.054130.0652021.04.22 03:15:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.04.22 01:151.39321.392872021.04.22 01:30:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.21 22:15108.079108.0582021.04.21 22:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.21 22:000.863750.863862021.04.21 22:15:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.21 18:150.916840.91682021.04.21 18:30:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.21 17:451.552041.552192021.04.21 18:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.21 10:451.3921.393562021.04.21 11:00:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.21 10:450.770420.771762021.04.21 11:00:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.21 09:451.558151.558342021.04.21 10:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.21 08:451.260161.260332021.04.21 09:00:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.21 07:451.20251.202762021.04.21 08:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.21 07:45108.113108.0582021.04.21 08:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.21 04:001.10251.102382021.04.21 04:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.21 02:000.772990.772292021.04.21 02:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.21 01:000.915150.915772021.04.21 01:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.21 00:450.915450.915152021.04.21 01:00:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.04.21 00:451.10161.101372021.04.21 01:00:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.20 20:301.393171.393462021.04.20 20:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.20 19:451.202611.203022021.04.20 20:00:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.20 19:450.862530.863012021.04.20 20:00:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.20 18:301.394221.394422021.04.20 18:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.20 18:001.101111.101572021.04.20 18:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.20 18:00108.131108.1312021.04.20 18:15:00TIE
EURCHFPUT2021.04.20 15:450.916370.916372021.04.20 16:00:00TIE
USDJPYPUT2021.04.20 15:45108.472108.4572021.04.20 16:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.20 13:451.102691.102892021.04.20 14:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.20 12:451.550471.550112021.04.20 13:00:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.20 12:450.777660.777862021.04.20 13:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.20 12:301.549421.550472021.04.20 12:45:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.04.20 12:300.778340.777662021.04.20 12:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.20 11:451.54851.548372021.04.20 12:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.20 10:001.207281.206922021.04.20 10:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.20 05:001.250771.251162021.04.20 05:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.20 04:451.251741.250772021.04.20 05:00:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.04.20 04:451.204261.204472021.04.20 05:00:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.20 04:451.549061.546852021.04.20 05:00:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.04.20 04:300.861390.861012021.04.20 04:45:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.20 04:150.861290.861392021.04.20 04:30:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.20 03:301.102121.102052021.04.20 03:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.20 03:151.101961.102122021.04.20 03:30:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.04.20 03:150.777130.776882021.04.20 03:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.20 00:300.775520.775532021.04.20 00:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.20 00:150.914670.914562021.04.20 00:30:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.04.19 22:301.101531.101442021.04.19 22:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.19 22:000.914570.914922021.04.19 22:15:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.19 18:000.859490.860112021.04.19 18:15:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.19 17:151.201951.202842021.04.19 17:30:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.19 16:30108.249108.2652021.04.19 16:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.19 16:000.862250.862572021.04.19 16:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.19 15:150.863540.863862021.04.19 15:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.19 15:000.864180.863542021.04.19 15:15:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.19 13:45130.193130.1972021.04.19 14:00:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.04.19 13:30130.149130.1932021.04.19 13:45:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.19 12:001.545871.546752021.04.19 12:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.19 10:150.865510.864912021.04.19 10:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.19 10:151.102091.102082021.04.19 10:30:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.19 05:151.546321.546752021.04.19 05:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.19 05:001.547621.546322021.04.19 05:15:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.04.19 04:451.100421.100642021.04.19 05:00:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.19 03:001.381811.381922021.04.19 03:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.19 02:301.38221.382522021.04.19 02:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.19 02:151.550181.550642021.04.19 02:30:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.04.19 01:150.920590.920712021.04.19 01:30:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.19 00:150.919270.919172021.04.19 00:30:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.04.16 22:301.198221.198172021.04.16 22:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.16 18:000.866980.866852021.04.16 18:15:00LOSS
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.16 18:001.100881.100992021.04.16 18:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.16 15:451.102251.101562021.04.16 16:00:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.16 15:150.867890.868212021.04.16 15:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.16 15:000.868270.867892021.04.16 15:15:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.16 13:45108.759108.7842021.04.16 14:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.16 09:001.197061.196812021.04.16 09:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.16 06:301.254211.254282021.04.16 06:45:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.16 06:151.254561.254212021.04.16 06:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.16 04:001.255591.255482021.04.16 04:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.16 03:15130.065129.9852021.04.16 03:30:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.16 00:151.543081.543722021.04.16 00:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.15 18:001.253061.253412021.04.15 18:15:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.15 18:000.86780.8682021.04.15 18:15:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.15 17:151.103261.103632021.04.15 17:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.15 15:450.775510.774432021.04.15 16:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.15 15:150.867510.868032021.04.15 15:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.15 14:000.923650.923422021.04.15 14:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.15 12:301.380231.379962021.04.15 12:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.15 10:450.775210.775232021.04.15 11:00:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.04.15 10:301.379291.378992021.04.15 10:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.15 10:301.198671.197962021.04.15 10:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.15 10:300.774720.775212021.04.15 10:45:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.15 10:151.25051.249562021.04.15 10:30:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.15 09:450.922680.922982021.04.15 10:00:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.15 09:451.105151.105212021.04.15 10:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.15 09:15130.437130.4042021.04.15 09:30:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.15 08:001.197031.197432021.04.15 08:15:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.15 06:451.553131.552642021.04.15 07:00:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.15 05:001.197411.197642021.04.15 05:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.15 04:001.379041.378912021.04.15 04:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.15 03:15130.438130.4392021.04.15 03:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.15 03:151.549261.549632021.04.15 03:30:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.15 03:00108.894108.8452021.04.15 03:15:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.04.14 23:451.105621.104882021.04.15 00:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.14 23:301.105411.105622021.04.14 23:45:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.04.14 19:30130.572130.5652021.04.14 19:45:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.14 16:45130.443130.4142021.04.14 17:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.14 16:45109.007109.0652021.04.14 17:00:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.04.14 16:001.257481.256762021.04.14 16:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.14 15:301.256851.256222021.04.14 15:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.14 13:000.921640.921252021.04.14 13:15:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.14 12:450.920520.921642021.04.14 13:00:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.04.14 12:150.91890.91972021.04.14 12:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.14 09:301.100961.100792021.04.14 09:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.14 09:150.919630.920072021.04.14 09:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.14 08:00130.333130.3412021.04.14 08:15:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.14 07:301.253661.253572021.04.14 07:45:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.04.14 07:30130.271130.2582021.04.14 07:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.14 04:300.919990.920022021.04.14 04:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.14 03:150.920210.920332021.04.14 03:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.14 03:000.920320.920212021.04.14 03:15:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.14 03:001.375871.375962021.04.14 03:15:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.14 01:300.764470.764252021.04.14 01:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.13 23:301.100331.100132021.04.13 23:45:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.13 18:301.254241.254522021.04.13 18:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.13 17:001.256611.256562021.04.13 17:15:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.13 16:451.256721.256612021.04.13 17:00:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.13 16:301.25731.256722021.04.13 16:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.13 16:15130.415130.3762021.04.13 16:30:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.13 14:451.564471.564792021.04.13 15:00:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.04.13 14:300.760060.760222021.04.13 14:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.13 14:151.372481.372122021.04.13 14:30:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.04.13 14:150.866620.866352021.04.13 14:30:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.13 10:000.925230.92492021.04.13 10:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.13 10:001.188421.189452021.04.13 10:15:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.13 09:150.923250.923512021.04.13 09:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.13 09:001.37411.37532021.04.13 09:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.13 08:001.372681.372912021.04.13 08:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.13 05:300.865990.866142021.04.13 05:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.13 03:301.190481.190592021.04.13 03:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.13 03:151.099251.099072021.04.13 03:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.13 02:451.255991.256292021.04.13 03:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.13 00:451.097921.098112021.04.13 01:00:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.13 00:00109.379109.3812021.04.13 00:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.12 23:300.922320.922372021.04.12 23:45:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.12 22:150.923120.923222021.04.12 22:30:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.04.12 22:151.257251.256642021.04.12 22:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.12 22:15130.234130.2342021.04.12 22:30:00TIE
USDCADPUT2021.04.12 22:000.922920.923122021.04.12 22:15:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.04.12 22:00130.274130.2342021.04.12 22:15:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.04.12 22:000.866150.866322021.04.12 22:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.12 21:45130.277130.2742021.04.12 22:00:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.12 21:30109.446109.4352021.04.12 21:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.12 17:300.922540.922892021.04.12 17:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.12 17:00109.434109.412021.04.12 17:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.12 15:301.561851.561472021.04.12 15:45:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.12 14:150.865350.865742021.04.12 14:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.12 13:451.253261.253552021.04.12 14:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.12 12:151.18921.190352021.04.12 12:30:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.04.12 10:151.372021.371822021.04.12 10:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.12 09:301.370491.370772021.04.12 09:45:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.04.12 09:300.867320.867412021.04.12 09:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.12 09:301.562171.562012021.04.12 09:45:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.04.12 09:150.760870.760882021.04.12 09:30:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.04.12 08:301.564261.56372021.04.12 08:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.12 08:150.869270.869182021.04.12 08:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.12 01:451.100971.100962021.04.12 02:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.12 01:15130.53130.5532021.04.12 01:30:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.12 00:301.189391.190332021.04.12 00:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.12 00:151.560321.55982021.04.12 00:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.09 23:451.37041.370582021.04.10 00:00:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.09 17:30130.31130.3482021.04.09 17:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.09 17:30109.595109.6112021.04.09 17:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.09 13:450.762990.762742021.04.09 14:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.09 12:000.866790.867322021.04.09 12:15:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.09 10:150.924390.924652021.04.09 10:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.09 09:451.260881.260792021.04.09 10:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.09 09:001.259411.259352021.04.09 09:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.09 09:000.867790.867352021.04.09 09:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.09 08:451.258721.259412021.04.09 09:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.09 08:450.867430.867792021.04.09 09:00:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.09 08:301.100651.100652021.04.09 08:45:00TIE
USDCHFPUT2021.04.09 08:151.257831.257892021.04.09 08:30:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.04.09 05:151.190621.190512021.04.09 05:30:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.04.09 05:00130.113130.1322021.04.09 05:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.09 04:450.924520.924282021.04.09 05:00:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.09 04:151.557541.557342021.04.09 04:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.09 04:001.374861.374742021.04.09 04:15:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.09 03:451.374731.374862021.04.09 04:00:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.04.09 01:301.372311.373132021.04.09 01:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.09 01:300.867870.867582021.04.09 01:45:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.09 01:300.764640.764962021.04.09 01:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.08 20:00130.238130.2012021.04.08 20:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.08 18:001.373121.374142021.04.08 18:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.08 17:151.557781.557722021.04.08 17:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.08 15:001.376631.376082021.04.08 15:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.08 15:001.25871.259072021.04.08 15:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.08 13:300.763870.763822021.04.08 13:45:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.08 11:151.373921.373942021.04.08 11:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.08 11:151.26171.261482021.04.08 11:30:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.08 10:15109.537109.5632021.04.08 10:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.08 06:300.762230.762022021.04.08 06:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.08 06:151.187341.187192021.04.08 06:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.08 06:150.762110.762232021.04.08 06:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.08 06:001.375531.375922021.04.08 06:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.08 05:300.862930.862932021.04.08 05:45:00TIE
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.08 05:150.863050.862932021.04.08 05:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.07 23:451.260811.260782021.04.08 00:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.07 22:300.93020.930172021.04.07 22:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.07 22:000.929820.929862021.04.07 22:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.07 22:000.760530.760692021.04.07 22:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.07 18:451.374761.375592021.04.07 19:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.07 18:450.762090.762582021.04.07 19:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.07 16:301.189531.188762021.04.07 16:45:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.07 16:001.376141.375472021.04.07 16:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.07 15:451.378221.376142021.04.07 16:00:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.04.07 15:301.261711.26122021.04.07 15:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.07 15:300.761790.761752021.04.07 15:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.07 15:30109.891109.8812021.04.07 15:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.07 11:300.930960.930042021.04.07 11:45:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.07 09:151.186981.187472021.04.07 09:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.07 09:000.85940.860752021.04.07 09:15:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.07 08:450.859240.85942021.04.07 09:00:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.04.07 08:451.105521.105252021.04.07 09:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.07 08:300.858750.859242021.04.07 08:45:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.04.07 04:300.930490.930672021.04.07 04:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.07 02:001.258011.257682021.04.07 02:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.04.06 21:451.105231.105352021.04.06 22:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.04.06 20:451.549311.548412021.04.06 21:00:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.06 20:301.380791.381162021.04.06 20:45:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.06 19:150.856350.856212021.04.06 19:30:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.04.06 18:001.104741.104952021.04.06 18:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.06 18:001.546011.546572021.04.06 18:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.06 15:450.763790.763662021.04.06 16:00:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.06 15:15130.271130.1482021.04.06 15:30:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.04.06 14:151.25661.256622021.04.06 14:30:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.06 11:450.93930.937832021.04.06 12:00:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.06 11:451.179951.181392021.04.06 12:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.06 11:45110.461110.4012021.04.06 12:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.06 10:30110.381110.3132021.04.06 10:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.06 10:150.93860.937982021.04.06 10:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.06 10:151.255321.25452021.04.06 10:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.06 10:151.179951.180862021.04.06 10:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.06 10:150.762630.763012021.04.06 10:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.06 10:001.107621.107492021.04.06 10:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.06 09:151.181541.181282021.04.06 09:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.06 09:151.107161.107242021.04.06 09:30:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.04.06 09:001.391561.391532021.04.06 09:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.06 08:15130.126130.1372021.04.06 08:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.06 08:00130.161130.1262021.04.06 08:15:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.06 07:451.390781.390562021.04.06 08:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.06 03:45110.284110.2642021.04.06 04:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.06 03:301.106971.106932021.04.06 03:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.06 03:151.106771.106972021.04.06 03:30:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.04.06 01:45130.195130.222021.04.06 02:00:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.04.05 22:15130.187130.1732021.04.05 22:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.05 22:15110.231110.2342021.04.05 22:30:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.05 17:15129.929129.9352021.04.05 17:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.05 17:150.765040.765732021.04.05 17:30:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.04.05 16:151.178211.178182021.04.05 16:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.05 15:451.177821.177872021.04.05 16:00:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.05 15:45130.094130.1332021.04.05 16:00:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.04.05 15:450.848960.84882021.04.05 16:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.04.05 15:450.763620.763582021.04.05 16:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.04.05 14:45110.48110.4952021.04.05 15:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.05 14:151.175341.175692021.04.05 14:30:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.05 14:15110.515110.5322021.04.05 14:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.05 13:150.943310.942892021.04.05 13:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.05 09:151.545271.545122021.04.05 09:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.05 09:001.3821.381912021.04.05 09:15:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.05 09:000.850150.850252021.04.05 09:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.05 08:001.175911.175962021.04.05 08:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.05 07:451.382971.382742021.04.05 08:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.04.05 07:451.176161.175912021.04.05 08:00:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.04.05 07:300.942990.942982021.04.05 07:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.04.05 05:301.108971.108892021.04.05 05:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.05 05:000.941830.941982021.04.05 05:15:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.05 04:300.941910.941962021.04.05 04:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.05 03:001.383021.382352021.04.05 03:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.05 01:451.108811.108872021.04.05 02:00:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.04.02 23:151.257561.257472021.04.02 23:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.04.02 17:301.257081.256792021.04.02 17:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.02 16:300.942860.941592021.04.02 16:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.04.02 16:151.175721.175262021.04.02 16:30:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.02 15:301.176741.176832021.04.02 15:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.02 12:00130.056130.112021.04.02 12:15:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.04.02 11:450.940980.940992021.04.02 12:00:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.02 11:151.256151.256052021.04.02 11:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.02 10:151.255571.255612021.04.02 10:30:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.04.02 10:150.761520.761742021.04.02 10:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.02 08:451.25361.253422021.04.02 09:00:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.02 06:301.384831.384352021.04.02 06:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.02 06:301.178031.177862021.04.02 06:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.02 06:001.177821.177792021.04.02 06:15:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.02 03:451.10881.108962021.04.02 04:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.02 03:150.851010.851032021.04.02 03:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.04.02 03:15110.562110.5722021.04.02 03:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.04.01 16:15130.12130.0932021.04.01 16:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.04.01 16:150.75950.759422021.04.01 16:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.04.01 15:450.758190.758492021.04.01 16:00:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.04.01 15:45110.675110.6982021.04.01 16:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.04.01 15:150.757760.757722021.04.01 15:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.04.01 14:150.851590.851852021.04.01 14:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.01 13:151.376181.377382021.04.01 13:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.01 10:00129.953129.8452021.04.01 10:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.01 09:30129.88129.8682021.04.01 09:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.01 09:30110.796110.7842021.04.01 09:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.01 05:450.850380.85062021.04.01 06:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.04.01 05:300.944950.945032021.04.01 05:45:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.04.01 05:301.172241.17232021.04.01 05:45:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.04.01 05:300.850520.850382021.04.01 05:45:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.04.01 05:00129.803129.832021.04.01 05:15:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.04.01 03:301.25711.25682021.04.01 03:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.04.01 00:301.106411.107072021.04.01 00:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.31 22:001.377811.378572021.03.31 22:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.31 22:001.172551.172782021.03.31 22:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.31 21:451.378271.377812021.03.31 22:00:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.03.31 21:451.173141.172552021.03.31 22:00:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.31 21:45110.748110.7382021.03.31 22:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.31 18:001.175181.174342021.03.31 18:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.31 17:300.850830.851462021.03.31 17:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.31 17:151.174461.174522021.03.31 17:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.31 17:001.173521.174462021.03.31 17:15:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.31 15:15110.798110.7682021.03.31 15:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.31 03:451.105091.104962021.03.31 04:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.31 03:151.104681.104732021.03.31 03:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.31 02:451.374741.374582021.03.31 03:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.31 02:300.760580.760592021.03.31 02:45:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.03.31 00:151.542121.542152021.03.31 00:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.31 00:001.373641.373612021.03.31 00:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.30 22:151.372931.372792021.03.30 22:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.30 21:30110.353110.3522021.03.30 21:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.30 21:15110.329110.3532021.03.30 21:30:00LOSS
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.30 20:001.104291.103862021.03.30 20:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.30 19:451.104731.104292021.03.30 20:00:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.03.30 19:00129.188129.2692021.03.30 19:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.30 17:301.105911.106152021.03.30 17:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.30 16:451.171691.171912021.03.30 17:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.30 16:45129.353129.3462021.03.30 17:00:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.30 16:30129.371129.3532021.03.30 16:45:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.30 15:000.854480.853742021.03.30 15:15:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.30 14:451.262371.262192021.03.30 15:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.30 09:45129.453129.4082021.03.30 10:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.30 09:301.105791.105752021.03.30 09:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.30 09:001.259681.259012021.03.30 09:15:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.30 08:000.853620.853822021.03.30 08:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.30 05:301.377521.37752021.03.30 05:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.30 04:150.855070.855012021.03.30 04:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.30 03:001.37741.376712021.03.30 03:15:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.30 01:151.37671.376682021.03.30 01:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.30 00:151.258861.258992021.03.30 00:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.29 19:151.259041.259152021.03.29 19:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.29 18:001.104421.104512021.03.29 18:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.29 17:000.76340.763632021.03.29 17:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.29 16:00109.695109.6762021.03.29 16:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.29 14:451.107231.107362021.03.29 15:00:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.29 14:150.940230.939862021.03.29 14:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.29 13:300.764860.764742021.03.29 13:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.29 12:45109.552109.5892021.03.29 13:00:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.29 10:301.542311.542222021.03.29 10:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.29 08:451.376591.376352021.03.29 09:00:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.29 08:151.376961.376992021.03.29 08:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.29 08:001.177851.17792021.03.29 08:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.29 05:451.542121.54282021.03.29 06:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.29 05:450.764390.764232021.03.29 06:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.29 05:301.542331.542122021.03.29 05:45:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.03.29 05:151.543051.542332021.03.29 05:30:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.29 05:001.10771.107682021.03.29 05:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.29 04:001.260311.260452021.03.29 04:15:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.03.29 04:001.545271.544712021.03.29 04:15:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.26 19:00109.557109.5772021.03.26 19:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.26 17:001.379351.379642021.03.26 17:15:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.03.26 15:451.257081.257642021.03.26 16:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.26 15:301.37521.376642021.03.26 15:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.26 15:300.856280.855832021.03.26 15:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.26 11:00128.858128.8382021.03.26 11:15:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.26 10:151.374581.374862021.03.26 10:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.26 10:150.856810.856992021.03.26 10:30:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.03.26 10:001.375511.374582021.03.26 10:15:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.03.26 10:000.856510.856812021.03.26 10:15:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.26 09:151.178581.178552021.03.26 09:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.26 09:001.178351.178582021.03.26 09:15:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.03.26 08:450.939680.939782021.03.26 09:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.26 05:001.376211.375832021.03.26 05:15:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.26 05:000.856190.85632021.03.26 05:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.26 04:00128.748128.7012021.03.26 04:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.26 03:151.375181.375132021.03.26 03:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.25 15:151.555541.555252021.03.25 15:30:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.25 15:001.18051.180722021.03.25 15:15:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.25 15:001.555311.555542021.03.25 15:15:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.25 13:300.935260.935272021.03.25 13:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.25 09:150.935940.93592021.03.25 09:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.25 08:450.863280.8632021.03.25 09:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.25 05:45128.821128.7772021.03.25 06:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.25 05:301.370321.370682021.03.25 05:45:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.03.25 05:30128.791128.8212021.03.25 05:45:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.25 04:450.936130.935942021.03.25 05:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.25 04:451.258161.258212021.03.25 05:00:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.25 04:15108.942108.9312021.03.25 04:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.25 03:151.555091.555122021.03.25 03:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.25 03:150.759650.759582021.03.25 03:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.25 01:150.935690.936112021.03.25 01:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.24 23:001.257741.257722021.03.24 23:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.24 22:451.257551.257742021.03.24 23:00:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.03.24 22:00108.698108.7092021.03.24 22:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.24 21:45108.725108.6982021.03.24 22:00:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.03.24 21:15108.744108.7442021.03.24 21:30:00TIE
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.24 16:451.256131.257192021.03.24 17:00:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.24 16:45128.78128.7272021.03.24 17:00:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.24 16:300.936670.936062021.03.24 16:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.24 16:301.259271.256132021.03.24 16:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.24 16:301.181871.182592021.03.24 16:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.24 16:15108.75108.8892021.03.24 16:30:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.24 12:30128.706128.572021.03.24 12:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.24 12:300.762530.76182021.03.24 12:45:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.24 10:001.258621.25882021.03.24 10:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.24 07:450.934630.934342021.03.24 08:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.24 07:300.934280.934632021.03.24 07:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.24 05:00108.476108.5082021.03.24 05:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.03.24 04:45108.521108.4762021.03.24 05:00:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.03.24 03:001.183991.184372021.03.24 03:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.24 02:30108.547108.5032021.03.24 02:45:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.03.24 02:150.934540.934292021.03.24 02:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.23 17:151.186891.187392021.03.23 17:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.23 16:301.187521.188082021.03.23 16:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.23 11:151.255621.255392021.03.23 11:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.23 09:151.552881.55212021.03.23 09:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.23 03:151.193951.192992021.03.23 03:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.23 01:450.773460.773672021.03.23 02:00:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.22 23:150.774370.774792021.03.22 23:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.22 20:45129.92129.8732021.03.22 21:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.22 20:30129.858129.922021.03.22 20:45:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.22 18:451.193441.19322021.03.22 19:00:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.22 18:45108.692108.6682021.03.22 19:00:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.03.22 18:301.101131.101412021.03.22 18:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.22 15:450.860910.861142021.03.22 16:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.22 15:30108.834108.8362021.03.22 15:45:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.22 14:151.192111.192462021.03.22 14:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.22 13:450.859980.859742021.03.22 14:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.22 13:301.190951.190362021.03.22 13:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.22 13:300.859730.859982021.03.22 13:45:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.22 13:150.859220.859732021.03.22 13:30:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.22 13:000.858970.859222021.03.22 13:15:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.22 12:001.190221.190182021.03.22 12:15:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.22 11:451.190021.190222021.03.22 12:00:00LOSS
EURGBPCALL2021.03.22 11:300.928810.927572021.03.22 11:45:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.03.22 08:150.858460.858542021.03.22 08:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.22 07:301.385061.385092021.03.22 07:45:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.22 06:151.384461.384542021.03.22 06:30:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.22 06:151.189621.189722021.03.22 06:30:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.03.22 04:301.541291.540592021.03.22 04:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.22 04:150.930460.930442021.03.22 04:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.19 14:300.775210.776332021.03.19 14:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.03.19 13:001.189331.189512021.03.19 13:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.19 12:451.19031.189332021.03.19 13:00:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.19 09:151.250481.249722021.03.19 09:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.19 06:30108.956108.9492021.03.19 06:45:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.19 06:150.85640.856292021.03.19 06:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.19 04:301.540891.539012021.03.19 04:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.19 04:00109.069109.0822021.03.19 04:15:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.03.19 03:451.190651.190732021.03.19 04:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.19 03:30129.902129.8492021.03.19 03:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.18 21:451.250481.250982021.03.18 22:00:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.18 21:451.534851.534882021.03.18 22:00:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.18 20:151.246921.247182021.03.18 20:30:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.18 20:001.246131.246922021.03.18 20:15:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.18 17:000.857170.85682021.03.18 17:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.18 16:150.776190.776552021.03.18 16:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.18 15:450.928430.92812021.03.18 16:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.18 15:450.778090.778572021.03.18 16:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.18 11:001.240781.240072021.03.18 11:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.18 10:450.926620.926042021.03.18 11:00:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.18 10:451.240611.240782021.03.18 11:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.18 10:300.924320.926622021.03.18 10:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.18 10:30130.527130.5082021.03.18 10:45:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.18 10:150.922130.924322021.03.18 10:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.18 10:151.39951.396912021.03.18 10:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.18 10:151.23691.239262021.03.18 10:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.18 10:151.198621.196392021.03.18 10:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.18 04:451.196761.196932021.03.18 05:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.18 04:300.923650.923942021.03.18 04:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.18 04:150.858350.858042021.03.18 04:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.18 03:15130.534130.5232021.03.18 03:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.17 18:450.77080.77082021.03.17 19:00:00TIE
USDCHFPUT2021.03.17 18:45109.257109.222021.03.17 19:00:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.17 18:300.77110.77082021.03.17 18:45:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.17 18:151.543911.543822021.03.17 18:30:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.17 18:150.771160.77112021.03.17 18:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.17 18:001.543681.543912021.03.17 18:15:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.17 15:45130.001130.0352021.03.17 16:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.17 14:30109.2109.1982021.03.17 14:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.17 14:150.772440.771722021.03.17 14:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.17 14:15109.166109.22021.03.17 14:30:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.17 12:301.191181.190992021.03.17 12:45:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.17 12:30129.964129.9072021.03.17 12:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.17 12:300.856720.856722021.03.17 12:45:00TIE
EURJPYPUT2021.03.17 12:15129.915129.9642021.03.17 12:30:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.17 12:001.540311.540962021.03.17 12:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.17 11:451.10361.102982021.03.17 12:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.17 10:301.189781.189582021.03.17 10:45:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.03.17 10:300.772930.773182021.03.17 10:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.17 09:451.102031.10212021.03.17 10:00:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.17 09:000.925970.925782021.03.17 09:15:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.17 07:450.856430.856762021.03.17 08:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.17 04:451.245621.245092021.03.17 05:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.17 04:00109.125109.122021.03.17 04:15:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.17 03:450.925310.925552021.03.17 04:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.17 03:30109.069109.1022021.03.17 03:45:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.17 02:151.391.390092021.03.17 02:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.17 01:451.389911.389872021.03.17 02:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.16 23:45109.016108.9922021.03.17 00:00:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.16 16:300.858440.857852021.03.16 16:45:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.16 16:000.859260.859442021.03.16 16:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.16 15:450.860240.859262021.03.16 16:00:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.16 15:451.539751.539782021.03.16 16:00:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.16 15:300.860630.860242021.03.16 15:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.16 15:301.540821.539752021.03.16 15:45:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.16 14:451.386241.386262021.03.16 15:00:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.16 13:451.194441.194412021.03.16 14:00:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.16 13:300.92590.924472021.03.16 13:45:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.16 12:151.107211.107122021.03.16 12:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.16 06:30130.29130.2622021.03.16 06:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.16 02:001.539891.539132021.03.16 02:15:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.15 19:00130.034130.1372021.03.15 19:15:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.15 19:001.106251.106682021.03.15 19:15:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.15 18:451.10711.106252021.03.15 19:00:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.03.15 18:451.544211.541652021.03.15 19:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.15 17:151.249051.248852021.03.15 17:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.15 16:45130.228130.1952021.03.15 17:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.15 15:151.542721.542972021.03.15 15:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.15 10:451.392481.391972021.03.15 11:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.15 09:151.248771.248372021.03.15 09:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.15 09:001.248651.248772021.03.15 09:15:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.15 08:000.929740.929682021.03.15 08:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.15 04:301.39481.393982021.03.15 04:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.15 04:301.196461.195932021.03.15 04:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.15 03:451.39411.393192021.03.15 04:00:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.15 02:15130.376130.3642021.03.15 02:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.15 01:30109.059109.0662021.03.15 01:45:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.03.15 01:15130.301130.3122021.03.15 01:30:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.03.15 00:151.391461.391462021.03.15 00:30:00TIE
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.15 00:151.194561.194622021.03.15 00:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.15 00:15130.181130.1842021.03.15 00:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.12 23:301.248381.248182021.03.12 23:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.12 22:151.111211.110952021.03.12 22:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.12 21:451.110831.110812021.03.12 22:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.12 20:00109.036109.0352021.03.12 20:15:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.12 19:000.777120.77722021.03.12 19:15:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.03.12 19:00108.868108.9052021.03.12 19:15:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.12 18:450.776630.777122021.03.12 19:00:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.03.12 16:150.93160.9312021.03.12 16:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.12 16:000.9310.93162021.03.12 16:15:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.12 14:001.541051.539562021.03.12 14:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.12 12:451.254581.255122021.03.12 13:00:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.12 12:301.537341.53752021.03.12 12:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.12 03:30130.269130.2472021.03.12 03:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.12 03:301.536941.537782021.03.12 03:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.12 03:30108.684108.6542021.03.12 03:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.12 00:300.923760.92412021.03.12 00:45:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.12 00:151.106881.106982021.03.12 00:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.12 00:15108.527108.4962021.03.12 00:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.11 22:301.399121.399242021.03.11 22:45:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.03.11 21:451.538371.538522021.03.11 22:00:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.03.11 20:150.92440.924472021.03.11 20:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.11 20:151.198061.198062021.03.11 20:30:00TIE
USDCHFPUT2021.03.11 20:150.778220.778162021.03.11 20:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.11 19:00129.88129.8522021.03.11 19:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.11 18:300.925140.924792021.03.11 18:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.11 18:001.396811.396632021.03.11 18:15:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.03.11 17:30129.603129.6962021.03.11 17:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.11 15:151.3971.396512021.03.11 15:30:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.11 15:001.536411.538372021.03.11 15:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.11 12:451.395921.396032021.03.11 13:00:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.03.11 10:301.107781.108632021.03.11 10:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.11 08:150.930730.930592021.03.11 08:30:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.11 08:151.261951.261482021.03.11 08:30:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.11 08:151.192161.192312021.03.11 08:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.11 08:15108.771108.7692021.03.11 08:30:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.11 07:300.930390.930422021.03.11 07:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.11 07:30108.686108.6872021.03.11 07:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.11 07:15108.664108.6862021.03.11 07:30:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.11 07:00108.612108.6642021.03.11 07:15:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.03.11 06:450.855770.85582021.03.11 07:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.11 05:00108.552108.552021.03.11 05:15:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.11 02:450.930490.930652021.03.11 03:00:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.11 02:300.930130.930492021.03.11 02:45:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.11 00:301.541371.54192021.03.11 00:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.10 23:151.261431.261442021.03.10 23:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.10 17:301.107621.107032021.03.10 17:45:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.10 17:151.264661.265242021.03.10 17:30:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.10 16:151.393221.392982021.03.10 16:30:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.10 15:450.929890.929152021.03.10 16:00:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.03.10 15:451.264221.262972021.03.10 16:00:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.10 15:451.190091.191082021.03.10 16:00:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.03.10 15:450.771250.772672021.03.10 16:00:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.10 15:000.770880.770692021.03.10 15:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.10 13:30108.813108.8532021.03.10 13:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.10 13:001.545751.545092021.03.10 13:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.10 10:001.388351.387872021.03.10 10:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.10 04:15108.776108.7742021.03.10 04:30:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.10 04:00108.699108.7762021.03.10 04:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.10 03:450.929560.929642021.03.10 04:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.10 03:300.856870.856782021.03.10 03:45:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.10 01:30129.285129.2362021.03.10 01:45:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.10 01:30108.667108.6212021.03.10 01:45:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.10 01:15129.229129.2852021.03.10 01:30:00LOSS
USDJPYPUT2021.03.10 01:15108.6108.6672021.03.10 01:30:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.10 00:301.103281.10382021.03.10 00:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.10 00:151.543341.542042021.03.10 00:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.09 22:150.772260.772312021.03.09 22:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.09 20:151.389741.389192021.03.09 20:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.09 20:15108.442108.4572021.03.09 20:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.09 18:301.265971.265692021.03.09 18:45:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.09 18:30129.095129.1152021.03.09 18:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.09 18:151.264881.265972021.03.09 18:30:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.03.09 18:15129.194129.0952021.03.09 18:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.09 18:001.264361.264882021.03.09 18:15:00LOSS
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.09 18:001.105831.10512021.03.09 18:15:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.09 16:30108.674108.7472021.03.09 16:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.09 12:451.108611.108742021.03.09 13:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.09 11:00108.588108.6272021.03.09 11:15:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.09 10:00108.804108.9132021.03.09 10:15:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.09 09:451.18741.18812021.03.09 10:00:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.03.09 09:450.855950.856022021.03.09 10:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.09 05:151.186391.185782021.03.09 05:30:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.09 05:001.110251.11022021.03.09 05:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.09 02:450.9370.936742021.03.09 03:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.09 02:451.267021.266642021.03.09 03:00:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.09 02:451.184181.184412021.03.09 03:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.09 02:451.550231.552021.03.09 03:00:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.09 02:450.763840.764082021.03.09 03:00:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.09 00:150.856930.857072021.03.09 00:30:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.08 23:000.936350.936042021.03.08 23:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.08 22:30129.017129.0562021.03.08 22:45:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.08 21:001.266741.265712021.03.08 21:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.08 21:001.547711.547142021.03.08 21:15:00WIN
EURUSDCALL2021.03.08 21:000.765840.766232021.03.08 21:15:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.08 20:151.264211.264212021.03.08 20:30:00TIE
EURGBPCALL2021.03.08 20:000.856770.856932021.03.08 20:15:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.08 18:000.935630.935532021.03.08 18:15:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.08 18:001.185761.186162021.03.08 18:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.08 17:00129.264129.2452021.03.08 17:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.08 17:000.859050.858692021.03.08 17:15:00WIN
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.08 17:00108.816108.7822021.03.08 17:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.08 16:45129.196129.2642021.03.08 17:00:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.08 16:450.858440.859052021.03.08 17:00:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.03.08 15:301.26611.266172021.03.08 15:45:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.08 15:300.766920.766822021.03.08 15:45:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.08 15:151.267051.26612021.03.08 15:30:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.08 15:000.935030.93432021.03.08 15:15:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.08 14:151.108161.108582021.03.08 14:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.08 11:30108.571108.5452021.03.08 11:45:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.08 11:001.110011.109282021.03.08 11:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.08 10:451.551991.550082021.03.08 11:00:00WIN
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.08 08:451.190131.189282021.03.08 09:00:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.03.08 08:001.109861.109722021.03.08 08:15:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.08 05:151.265841.265992021.03.08 05:30:00LOSS
GBPUSDCALL2021.03.08 05:15129.036129.0362021.03.08 05:30:00TIE
USDCADPUT2021.03.08 05:001.265351.265842021.03.08 05:15:00LOSS
EURUSDCALL2021.03.08 05:000.769580.769342021.03.08 05:15:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.08 04:001.109931.109962021.03.08 04:15:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.03.08 01:301.192921.192632021.03.08 01:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.08 01:151.38551.386082021.03.08 01:30:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.03.08 00:151.108011.108522021.03.08 00:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.05 23:300.931430.931442021.03.05 23:45:00LOSS
USDCADPUT2021.03.05 23:301.109981.110072021.03.05 23:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.05 23:151.109671.109982021.03.05 23:30:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.05 22:451.385081.384642021.03.05 23:00:00WIN
EURUSDPUT2021.03.05 21:30108.343108.3272021.03.05 21:45:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.05 20:450.768240.768292021.03.05 21:00:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.05 20:301.550771.550742021.03.05 20:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.05 16:301.386231.384062021.03.05 16:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.05 12:45129.56129.4882021.03.05 13:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.05 09:300.770160.770222021.03.05 09:45:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.05 08:001.548381.54842021.03.05 08:15:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.05 07:151.388211.388372021.03.05 07:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.05 03:301.110821.110952021.03.05 03:45:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.05 03:151.111021.110822021.03.05 03:30:00LOSS
USDCADCALL2021.03.05 03:00107.881107.8842021.03.05 03:15:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.05 02:451.111771.111442021.03.05 03:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.05 01:300.929470.929432021.03.05 01:45:00WIN
EURAUDCALL2021.03.05 01:301.196461.196652021.03.05 01:45:00WIN
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.05 01:150.929370.929472021.03.05 01:30:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.05 00:150.86130.861212021.03.05 00:30:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.04 20:151.391841.391872021.03.04 20:30:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.04 19:451.54691.548662021.03.04 20:00:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.04 19:300.927680.928012021.03.04 19:45:00LOSS
USDCHFCALL2021.03.04 18:451.258691.258452021.03.04 19:00:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.03.04 18:15129.614129.5862021.03.04 18:30:00WIN
USDCHFPUT2021.03.04 18:151.11431.113852021.03.04 18:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.04 17:300.925470.925082021.03.04 17:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.04 16:451.112881.112582021.03.04 17:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.04 16:15129.369129.3122021.03.04 16:30:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.04 16:00129.362129.3692021.03.04 16:15:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.04 15:45129.279129.3622021.03.04 16:00:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.04 15:001.544111.54492021.03.04 15:15:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.04 11:300.77830.778032021.03.04 11:45:00LOSS
USDCHFPUT2021.03.04 08:151.108511.108692021.03.04 08:30:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.04 07:451.545031.545932021.03.04 08:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.04 07:151.545951.546082021.03.04 07:30:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.04 01:301.267211.266922021.03.04 01:45:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.04 01:300.864850.865012021.03.04 01:45:00LOSS
EURAUDCALL2021.03.04 01:300.775560.776042021.03.04 01:45:00WIN
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.04 00:150.864460.864172021.03.04 00:30:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.04 00:000.777440.777562021.03.04 00:15:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.03 23:451.55111.551352021.03.04 00:00:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.03 18:301.398871.398242021.03.03 18:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.03 18:301.26091.261462021.03.03 18:45:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.03 18:15106.891106.8722021.03.03 18:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDCALL2021.03.03 17:301.392821.393062021.03.03 17:45:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.03 17:150.865250.865262021.03.03 17:30:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.03 16:45107.071107.0622021.03.03 17:00:00WIN
EURAUDPUT2021.03.03 15:301.546161.547842021.03.03 15:45:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.03 14:000.91790.91752021.03.03 14:15:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.03 13:450.917340.91792021.03.03 14:00:00LOSS
USDJPYCALL2021.03.03 13:45129.143129.0642021.03.03 14:00:00LOSS
GBPUSDPUT2021.03.03 12:45106.956106.9532021.03.03 13:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.03 11:451.210991.210122021.03.03 12:00:00WIN
USDJPYPUT2021.03.03 10:45106.904106.9052021.03.03 11:00:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.03 09:45129.222129.1812021.03.03 10:00:00WIN
USDCHFCALL2021.03.03 09:45106.788106.8182021.03.03 10:00:00WIN
EURJPYPUT2021.03.03 08:150.866530.866522021.03.03 08:30:00WIN
USDJPYCALL2021.03.03 08:151.105721.105712021.03.03 08:30:00LOSS
EURJPYCALL2021.03.03 08:001.105961.105722021.03.03 08:15:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.03 07:300.866320.866142021.03.03 07:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.03 07:301.546321.54612021.03.03 07:45:00WIN
USDCADPUT2021.03.03 06:451.208931.208842021.03.03 07:00:00WIN
EURJPYCALL2021.03.03 05:150.865450.865482021.03.03 05:30:00WIN
EURGBPCALL2021.03.03 05:000.865560.865452021.03.03 05:15:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.03 02:450.783380.783282021.03.03 03:00:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.03 01:450.782430.782412021.03.03 02:00:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.03 01:30129.027129.0312021.03.03 01:45:00LOSS
EURAUDPUT2021.03.03 00:001.2631.263262021.03.03 00:15:00LOSS
EURUSDPUT2021.03.02 23:301.2631.263252021.03.02 23:45:00LOSS
EURGBPPUT2021.03.02 21:001.105311.105292021.03.02 21:15:00WIN
EURGBPPUT2021.03.02 20:451.104961.105312021.03.02 21:00:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.02 20:301.104761.104962021.03.02 20:45:00LOSS
AUDUSDPUT2021.03.02 20:151.104611.104762021.03.02 20:30:00LOSS
EURJPYPUT2021.03.02 18:301.104531.104152021.03.02 18:45:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.02 18:150.914610.914812021.03.02 18:30:00WIN
USDCADCALL2021.03.02 17:000.916040.916092021.03.02 17:15:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.02 16:45106.81106.7392021.03.02 17:00:00LOSS
EURCHFCALL2021.03.02 16:301.263791.264842021.03.02 16:45:00WIN
EURCHFPUT2021.03.02 16:301.204461.203932021.03.02 16:45:00WIN
EURCHFCALL2021.03.02 16:30106.815106.812021.03.02 16:45:00LOSS
EURCHFPUT2021.03.02 14:001.392721.391582021.03.02 14:15:00WIN

The results are in GMT. You can verify the price of every trade.

We update the live results table daily.

Currently, with over 1300 trades, our Live Results are providing a 74.2% ITM rate.

We are reaching this high win ratio with no analysis.

By adding in personal analysis, and testing new pairs we believe that by 2021 we can achieve over 80%.

Join us in our journey.


In utilizing MT4 as our main platform we have made sure that our code can be thoroughly backtested. This means that we can use old pricing data to analyze our current binary strategy and extrapolate past winning percentages.

This gives us a model, and framework to project future winning percentages as well.

  • 2018 71%
  • 2019 73%
  • 2020 74%
  • 2021(Projection) 80%


Binary Strategy Signals

Valor & Spirit Strategies


Built-In News Detection

24/7 Support

Limited Edition
Binary Strategy Signals
1 License
Valor & Spirit Strategies
One Time Fee
Free Upgrades
Lifetime Access
VAT Where Applicable
PayPal Direct Order
Binary Strategy Signals
1 License
Valor & Spirit Strategies
One Time Fee
Free Upgrades
Lifetime Access

30+ Signals Per Day (Trades In All Sessions)

Compatible With All Binary Options Brokers


This section is reserved for client reviews, if you have any questions, you can use the contact page in the navigation bar above.


  1. Derek L

    Loving binary strategy in 2021.

    Using the signals on a few different brokers, running IQ Option, Pocket Option, ExpertOption and Binomo. Yes, I probably have too many brokers, but I can say the signals work on all these brokers without any issue.

    I do find there isn’t enough information about how to use the signals though, I guess they leave that up to us.

    Rating: 4
  2. noah

    This indicator is a binary-trader’s best friend. This is especially noticeable if you stop using it and notice how much you rely upon it, and miss it. I once forgot the Valor mode on, and was wondering why there was a sudden decrease in signal quantity and increase in quality. Yes, the Valor signals come less frequently but are more accurate, and I highly recommend using them to see what the system is truly capable of. The Spirit signals are hard to figure out; it seems there are several approaches with them, the most common being to verify its signals with the included Trade Assistant on the charts. They are definitely worth experimenting with, but for real trading, I find myself sticking to Valor. I am yet to find another indicator as reliable as the Valor signals! Technical details aside, the support is very responsive and helpful; I always receive a reply within a few hours, and they answer everything. I feel I’m in safe hands. Keep up the great work you do!

    Rating: 5
  3. Jay G

    I’m about to purchase tonight! I know it’s supposed to be a 15 minute expiry, but on the results page all the trades expired one HOUR and 15 minutes later. Just curious why that is? Thanks.

    Rating: 5
    • binstrat

      Hi Jay, we had an incorrect expire_bar setting in the software after upgrading our servers. We will amend the results to ensure they are accurate, thank you for noticing this and bringing it to our attention.

      • Jonathan Geayer

        Got it, thanks! Just took my first signal, placed on Nadex, instant winner! This is the real deal folks i’m very excited and glad to be part of the family, thank you!!

        Rating: 5
  4. Viola

    I am interested. Will the signals work accurately for a Nigerian trader.

    • binstrat

      Hi Viola, we have clients all over the world, and many in Nigeria. The software works in any country. If you have questions, please email us as this section of the website is for reviews, not questions.

  5. Julio

    Thanks for this service.

    I am two week member and I have won 30/34 trades.

    Nice win.

    Rating: 5
  6. Jan

    Been using these signals for years!!

    Still winning tons of trades in September 2020, divergence is perfect for these quick 15 minute winners.

    Rating: 5
  7. Florian


    can you or any one else recommend a broker ?

    Thanks in advance


    • binstrat

      Hi Flo, we have broker recommendations available in our members area. Please check there after you sign up, and email us if you need any help.

  8. David

    Hello I wanted to know how to trade with binary strategy if binary options are not available to place a put or a call with expiration date of 15 min.
    I have not found a broker that offers it.

    For information: I am a French resident

    • binstrat

      The signals can be used in any Forex broker too. We have many clients using the signals and having great success in this manner.

  9. Winslow

    Dès le départ, c’était très difficile pour moi. mais petit à petit je me suis rendu compte que j’avais une arme puissante. super indicateur.

    Rating: 4
  10. john Anthony

    Greetings. having a great experience with binary strategy. can the binary software be install on a mt5 platform.

    Rating: 5
    • binstrat

      It’s built only for MT4 at this time. We see no benefit in creating an MT5 version, as all brokers still use both platforms.

  11. Dennis

    Stuck at home in quarantine because of the Corona Virus, so I decided to grab a copy of Binary Strategy and do some trading. I have to say that I’m very happy that I did, because the I’m winning almost every trade that I place. Looks like I’ll be making some money while I’m off work!

    Rating: 5
  12. Stephen Gwadela

    where can i get a video of how to install???

    • binstrat

      The installation video is in the members after you purchase. You get instant access after you sign up. Please save this area for reviews, and email us if you have questions.

  13. Lester

    Great signals, I travel a ton, so I trade all hours of the day in just about every session. I have had success in every single session I trade, on many different brokers.

    The valor signals are my favorite, but they come sparingly so I do trade spirit too. I like that the software offers two types of signals so that I can build my strategy around that.

    I plan on being with Binary Strategy for many years.

    Rating: 5
    • binstrat

      Thanks for such kind words Lester, I wish you continued success.

  14. Sesh

    Solid indicator, signals work good with IQOption.

    Rating: 5
  15. Dale

    Awesome signals so far in 2020.

    Rating: 5
  16. bangi

    Is it an entry as soon as the sign is generated? Or should I enter from the next foot?

    • binstrat

      Hi Bangi, the entry is as soon as the signal is generated. You have a few minutes to place your trade. For support please email us, we respond very quickly.

    • Frank

      Can your Binary Strategy be used as a scalper and if so do you have an estimate of how many pips average per trade.


      • binstrat

        Yes it can. The pips would range from 5-15 with an average trade time of 15-30 minutes.

  17. Steeley

    I’m happy with the service, tried a couple other binary signals when I first started but this is much better. I like that it works with MT4 as that’s my favorite trading platform, and I place the signals with IQOption, and others.

    Rating: 4
  18. Divine

    Thanks for such a great product!

    I use Binary Strategy every day after work, and make an extra $300 a week.

    Rating: 5
  19. Laura

    Very satisfied with the signals so far. Just been using them in MT4 and watching the trades then closing them when I’m happy with the profits. Usually 15-20 minute range is a great time to exit. So, works as a scalper very effectively.

    Rating: 5
  20. DROY

    Good signals, using mostly valor strategy.

    Don’t come often but they are consistent.

    Been with BSTRAT for 5 months.

    Rating: 4
    • Constantinos

      Where is the support i sent them the issue before 24h and i dont have a reply ? I bought the product and i dont see any product . So i think i just loose my money
      Anyone can help?

      • Constantinos Zantis

        Okay i just freak out for no reason. The support helped me and i manage to get my product! Thank you so much!

  21. derek

    great product maynn!

    workin like a charm for 4 monthos

    Rating: 5
  22. Mahmoud Cheaib

    still new to this indicator…but from the first week i am able to make money with binary !!

    Rating: 5
  23. Daryn

    Very happy with the service over a year later, thank you.

    Rating: 5
  24. Suresh

    I am on a streak of 27 straight wins using both Spirit and Valor.

    Thanks so much for this.

    Rating: 5
  25. Maria

    Very happy with the software.

    I use mostly Valor signals, and it feels like these are RISK FREE.


    Rating: 5
  26. Desmond

    I am now close to my 1 year anniversary with the Binary Strategy signals, and I am thrilled to say that I am a success story.

    After trading on demo for my first 3 months, I worked up the nerve to go live. Since, I have gained over $10,000 from the signals, and it’s had a BIG impact on my bank account.

    Take your time like I did, trade hundreds of signals, get a feel for it, then go live. You won’t be disappointed.

    Rating: 5
  27. Rachael Mu

    The signals are good for the most part.

    When Spirit isn’t working well then I use Valor and vice versa.

    It’s good to switch between the two strategies to stay highly profitable.

    I can stay over 70% ITM in doing this alone.

    Rating: 5
  28. Desiree

    Beautiful service.

    It’s been a great experience so far.

    4/5 just because I think there could be more valor signals.

    Rating: 4
  29. BenB

    Happy with my signals so far, 3 weeks in trading every day.

    My favorite new toy 🙂

    Rating: 4
    • Keith

      Hey BenB,

      What type of results are you getting? How many trades are you taking a day and what is the ITM rate you’re seeing?

      Thanks buddy.

      • BenB

        I’m another month in, and the results are really good.

        I take 5-10 trades a day, and my ITM is always between 68-78%.

        Rating: 5
  30. DeltaTrader

    Nearly perfect.

    My only issue with the system is that the signals aren’t automated. Outside of that, the signals are perfect, and work great with my IQ Option account.

    Rating: 4
  31. Dallas

    Signed up with Binary Strategy 4 months ago.

    Using IQ Option I’ve taken my $4000 account and turned it into $23000. I never thought a gain like this would be possible, but I’m totally sold.

    5 stars across the board!!

    Rating: 5
  32. RobbieP

    The binary strategy service is the best I’ve used.

    I don’t usually give feedback for products, but I have to in this case.

    I am from Australia, so I am using the signals with the HighLow broker. The support team was very good in finding me a broker after I signed up with their service. They walked me through my options, and even had me set up on a demo account to trade before going live.

    The attentive nature of the support team is amazing, and so is the service.

    Rating: 5
  33. dave dev

    By far my favorite program in this market. I’ve tested binary strategy with a few different platforms, and I’m happy to say that it works very well on all of them. Due to working shift work, I also trade at every hour imaginable, and there are always signals at my disposal.

    In terms of platforms, I’ve used Nadex and Oanda. Works great with both here in the US.

    Rating: 5
    • T

      Oanda doesn’t do binary options. Makes me wonder if this is a real review. If you tried it you would know that. I call BS

      • binstrat

        Hi T, Binary Strategy is compatible with all brokers, this includes MT4 brokers. You can certainly place trades within MT4 using our signals as a guide.

      • dave dev

        No BS here T. I use the signals with Oanda MT4, they work great. The indicator provides BUY / SELL signals, which can be used for Forex. I set my own TP and SL based on my knowledge of the markets.

        • t

          O ok. So you’re saying you receive the signals through OANDA MT4 and place the Trades on NADEX? If so that’s a great idea i would have to try out and see. Thanks for the reply. keep up the great work.

          • dave dev

            Yes T, you can do this. You can also place the trades directly in any MT4 also.

            Again, you are getting BUY / SELL signals with great entries. You can do whatever you want with them.

            I’ve been winning my trades consistently for months.

  34. drake

    Excellent trading signals from both strategies. I am a huge fan of divergence, and a trader with 12 years of experience in mostly Forex. The strategy at play here is simple to follow but very tactful in it’s market approach.

    This is a powerful signal service.

    Rating: 4
  35. jan

    Really easy to set up.

    Really easy to get signals.

    Really easy to place trades.

    I feel like I went from beginner to expert in 3 weeks.

    I am VERY happy with Binary Strategy.

    Rating: 5
  36. rodger

    I’ve doubled my account in my first week!!!

    This is amazing, thank you so so myuch I need to pay my rent

    Rating: 5
  37. Steph Leeds

    Very very happy that I decided to join Binary Strategy 2 months ago. I’ve been able to trade successfully with the most reliable brokers available.

    I thought I was done with binary options, but you guys changed everything for me.

    Thank you so much!

    Rating: 5
  38. Richard

    I’m interesting your signals but I can’t trade full time, I want auto trade tools, it will trade with your Valor & Spirit Strategies..

    Rating: 4
    • binstrat

      Hi Richard, you don’t need to trade our signals full time. We provide our signals in all trading sessions, so you can trade when you have the time. You can also set your email and phone to receive the signals so that you can trade on the go. We plan on providing automation in the future as a free update, but this is not available yet.

  39. Dani

    I am using this software less than a month ago and really the results are very good, but since I have little time to do trading, I would like that in future updates this software could be automated.

    Rating: 5
  40. Sayed Shehab


    I have just start today and try all pairs available .. Demo before going to real .. more than 90% of Volar signals are correct .. while spirit signals are much more signals but less accuracy .. but if you use trade assistance the accuracy will be very excellent .. the most problem i have is i am not full time trader .. so I request if the developer can add the signals arrows in the color field of the indicator instead of input field so i can auto the Volar signals to be traded Auto .. could you !!

    • binstrat

      Thanks for your review Sayed, I’ll see if this is something we can do in one of our free updates for you.

    • Sayed Shehab

      5 Stars till now

      Rating: 5
  41. Staal

    A profitable service, that does what I want it to.

    Rating: 5
  42. keither

    Going good so far but i wanna know how i get more trades?

    Rating: 4
    • binstrat

      Thanks for the 4 star review Keither. The best way to get more trade alerts is to open more charts. Many of our clients run over 30 charts. For further technical support questions, please email us.

  43. Susanne Leif

    I’m in my first week and I’m having an OK time so far, but just OK. I am around 66% ITM right now but I want to get above 70%. Is there anything I should be doing differently? Is this just because it’s the first week?

    Please let me know.

    Rating: 3
    • binstrat

      Thanks for leaving a review Susanne. If you increase the amount of time trading, you will naturally increase your ITM %, as it’s been a slow couple of days this week. That being said, I recommend that you make sure you are using the built in Trade Assistant, and feel free to email us for support as well.

      • Susanne Leif

        I have not used the Trade Assistant. I’ll try that with my trades today.

        Thank you so much!

  44. Darrel29

    Very happy with the signals I am receiving for 2 weeks to start. I am going to give 4 star, and I’ll update to 5 star if the signals are this good for 2 months. Thank you, very good so far.

    Rating: 4
  45. mahmood

    dis a very good signal provider for binary option. i trade with strategy now 3 month, and i have lot of signal where i live in turkey. thank you for your product.

    Rating: 5
  46. Deaner27

    I’m 4 months deep into my usage of binary options strategy and I’ve never come across a better trading approach. I really like this offer for a few reasons.

    -Great Signals
    -Helpful Support
    -Lots of Positive Community Feedback.. myself included 🙂

    Rating: 5
  47. Terry44

    Amazing technical analysis strategy at play here. Most systems I used before this one had very thin premises, but this strategy is all-encompassing.

    5 stars from me.

    Rating: 5
  48. jacoob

    This strategy is hands down the best trading product I’ve ever used. I’ve been in the Forex market 5 years, the binary options market for 4 years, and so I’m coming to a 10 year milestone. With all this time trading, and hundreds of trading pockets on my hard drive, it’s clear to me that none have ever been as profitable or effective as this one.

    Thanks for all that you do.

    Rating: 5
  49. DarrenBinary

    Stellar approach to trading binary options. I wish other developers were able to put together a pure trading strategy like this, so I didn’t have to deal with so many losers before finding this winner.

    Only complaint, would want to see more Valor signals.

    Rating: 4
    • binstrat

      Looks like you agree with Megan. We are working on a free update that will strip down some of the Valor filters, and increase the signal frequency for this strategy. This will be free for all our clients.

  50. Megan

    Been having trouble getting a lot of valor signals, but I’m doing well with the spirit signals. So, 4/5 star. I’ll give 5 star if I can have more valor signals.

    Rating: 4
    • binstrat

      Hi Megan, thanks for your rating. Please email support if you need help with valor signals. Do keep in mind, there will always be more spirit signals, as the valor signals are processed using more filters.

  51. Cliff

    I’m a day one customer of Binary Strategy, and I can’t believe I haven’t left a review here yet. I’ve been so busy winning trades, I forgot to tell everyone how good this is.

    The signals from this service are better than any I’ve used in the past. In fact, I don’t use any other signal providers right now, and I don’t think I’ll need any others for the duration of my binary options trading.

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Rating: 5
  52. Marc S.

    I’ve really enjoyed my time with Binary Strategy over the past 3 months. This system and trading methodology is very secure, and has allowed me to profit greatly with little effort. I’ve looked for a trading software like this one for many years, so I’m happy to say that I’ve finally accomplished my goal. I recommend Binary Strategy to everyone I can in my daily life because it’s helped me stabilize my finances, and winning trades is simply a fun hobby for me. No longer am I worried about blowing my account, or having a string of losers. That just doesn’t happen. Great stuff.

    Rating: 5
  53. Melissa

    Everything about this software makes me more comfortable as a binary options trader. For the first time ever, I actually can call myself a binary options traders, because I’m winning trades consistently.

    Thanks for everything that you do.

    Rating: 5
  54. Delroy

    Iam very satisfied with the binary strategy results. I am winning most of my trades, and it’s very easy to use.

    I get signals on my computer, my phone and my email. So I trade wherever I want.

    Beautiful software!

    Rating: 5
  55. Billy

    This is a fantastic service. Yet, in order to get a full 5 star, I will need for some way to fully automate the signals so they place the trades for me with my broker.

    Rating: 4
    • binstrat

      We are looking into this, but the brokers are currently what’s getting in the way.

  56. Steph A

    im very happy with the signals from this software. i have recommended binary strategy to all of my close friends and we are all winning trades together now.

    its fun, and its easy. its everything that i wanted from trading.

    so, thank you.

    Rating: 5
  57. Annah

    Never have I ever used such an easy binary options program. As a beginner, this works perfect for me!

    I started winning trades 2 hours after I set it up 🙂

    Rating: 5
  58. Marcus F.

    There’s so much about this product that works for me. From being involved in trading binaries for 4 years, I struggled to find the right product. I tested everything under the sun, from signals, to automated binary options robots. Yet, I never found a home until binary strategy.

    The approach of these signals is better than anything I’ve ever used. I like that I am in control of the signals, and that all I have to do is place the trades.

    Rating: 5
  59. Shelley

    So many wins.

    This is absolutely the most overwhelmingly positive signal service I’ve ever used.

    Thanks for providing it, and this public forum where I can simply leave my 5/5 star review.

    Rating: 5
  60. Louise

    This is the best strategy I’ve ever used. From the installation, all the way to the signals I receive, nothing is easier, and more effective.

    Rating: 5
  61. Andrey

    Top of the line signals, with top of the line support.

    I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    You’ve changed how I process binary options.

    Thank you!

    Rating: 5
  62. Brett

    Everything is top notch, signals, support, simplicity.

    Every time I email support, I get a response within a couple of hours.

    This is how every product should be handled.

    Rating: 5
  63. Julian

    It’s clear from day one how much effort was put into this software, in order to create such a decisive strategy. I am only 3 weeks a user, but I am already seeing the potential in every signal that I receive. I am learning exactly what these signals are looking for, and it’s making a lot of sense.

    Rating: 5
  64. claudioadaveiro

    At first I did not understand how it worked because of my enormous desire. After 2 weeks of testing I can say I’m very happy and the results are impressive.

    In addition, the staff is always available and very quick to respond

    Highly recommended 10 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Rating: 5
  65. Adrian L

    SO GOOD.

    Binary was dead to me until I started using these signals.

    I just want to say thank you, and tell anyone who’s thinking of signing up, to sign up. You won’t regret it.

    Rating: 5
  66. Blake

    Binary Strategy continues to impress me. I’ve stopped using any other tool right now and I’m focused on just Valor and Spirit signals.

    I have been able to multiply my account 5X in the span of just 4 weeks.

    Tremendous stuff.

    Rating: 5
  67. Walter Nelson

    I would just like to say, This system is the bombs! I also want to give a BIG TIME THANK YOU to the incredible support department!

    This is the best support I have ever had and I am as old as dirt!

    Can’t say enough about the support OUTSTANDING!

    Thanks to all for actually returning my emails very quickly even over the weekend! WOW! Fixed everything right up!

    I am a happy camper now!

  68. Dean

    Binary Strategy is the only way to truly start trading binary options with no prior experience. I know little of the markets, and I trust every signal that I receive to be impactful.

    This has been a revelation for me.

    5 stars.

    Rating: 5
  69. Yaris

    Best ever strategy hands down

  70. Mo

    this is best signal in binary to date, nobody else come close to the ITM i get with binary strategy

    Rating: 5
  71. Celeste NV

    Thank you for your work, and putting together this project.

    The signals are frequent, and do a perfect job for me. The members area is the easiest setup I’ve ever had. I watched your videos and within 30 minutes I was receiving signals. All this, and I’m not even good with computers, so kudos.

    – Celeste

    Rating: 5
  72. Brantley

    Excellent signals. I would like this to autotrade for me some how.

    I will give you 5 stars when you add this.

    Rating: 4
  73. Brett D.

    I am in awe of the binary strategy. Both valor and spirit signals win at an alarming rate. This is a magnificent investment.

    Rating: 5
  74. Josef Beuro

    According to support I was the 4th client. So I’ve been apart of this since day 1. My time with the service has been smooth sailing. I have never used anything like this, and so I was worried that it might be difficult, but it was very easy.

    The installation process took me 20 minutes, and I received my first signal another 30 minutes after that. So in under an hour, I already had a signal, and I won that signal, which was a great feeling.

    Since this initial setup, I’ve won the majority of the trades that I’ve placed, and it’s helping me as a stable income on the side.

    Thanks for everything Binary Strategy.

    Rating: 5
  75. Desi

    Another great week in the books with Binary Strategy.

    I just want to say thank you to everyone involved with this project.

    From the support, to the signals, I’ve had the best experience I’ve ever had in binary options.

    Thank you all, so very much.


    Rating: 5
  76. Kenni

    After testing this indicator for 3 weeks,I’m ready to give 5 stars, I have so much successful with my 5 Minute Strategy and it gives me more signals than the 15 Minutes. So far 12-0 for me with my 5 Minutes strategy just over Sunday Night…

    Rating: 5
  77. Dale Tukas

    5 star deserved.

    It’s Friday, and it’s been another winning week with Binary Strategy. This time I even added a new strategy that I found online. I found another trader named Kenni using a 5 minute timeframe strategy and I’ve been using this, alongside the normal strategy for some additional signals.

    It has been very profitable, and I’m happy with the service. I’ve emailed support on multiple occasions for clarifications and they’ve always gotten back to me in fast order.

    This is easily the best program I have ever used, and probably will ever use in binary options.

    Rating: 5
  78. Francois

    hello from france, and thank you for this signals. i am impresse with the service very much so. i am winning 78% of all trade i take and i continue to be happy. so good.

    Rating: 5
  79. Kenni

    After days of testing I gotta say I’m very happy with the results. I added bollinger bands, Stoch and momentum indicator to the chart, this is just base on support and resistance strategy. If there’s a signals for call and it hits the support line with the stoch indicator going to the apposite directions it’s very likely to be a win, if it doesn’t then most likely there will be another signal alert again it’s expired and the second alert usually always win. The only things I don’t like about this indicator is that right after you win or loose a trade, it doesn’t add up to the trade history right away like the Binary Today 5 does, and also the arrow disappear after a loss, so with this case it’s hard for me to keep track of all the trades, is there a way for you guys can get that fix?

    • binstrat

      I’ll have someone take a look at the arrows for you Kenni.

  80. Mo

    might be early to say but half a week in im ready to give 5 stars. i have tested strategy on many different pairs, with years of history and it always wins.

    this is smart and good.

    Rating: 5
  81. Ray

    Just joined yesterday and I’m happy with what I’ve seen so far.

  82. ryan

    I’m just a week in but my confidence level in binary options has never been so high. I feel like every trade I take is going to be a win, every time. The only losses I’ve had have been by 1 or 2 price points. It’s hardly ever in doubt.

    This is a feeling I’ve never had from binary options. It always used to feel like a gamble, but now that I have a real strategy, I can see why everyone used to be so positive about binary trading.

    I was lost, but now I am found!

    *I’ll add a rating after I’ve used the signals for 2-3 months*

  83. Piotr

    This is the best binary software I’ve ever used. I win most of the signals that I get, consistently in the 70% range.

    I will give this 5/5 stars when you offer your free expanded expiry time update.

    Rating: 4
    • binstrat

      Yes Piotr, as promised there will be a free update for current clients that will provide you with more expiry times. For the near future, we want to focus on 15 minute expiry times and not stretch ourselves thin.

      We believe that it’s important that we focus on the specifics of the Valor and Spirit strategies so that these are perfected before we start adding 5 minute, 30 minute and 1 hour signals.

      Thanks for your review.

  84. Idan

    good, with winning, and smart all around.

    Rating: 5
  85. Sundar

    i am new to binary trading, and ive trade many ways to trade without wins. just now i try the binary strategy and feel diffrent about this. i think that this is the easiest way to get a signal, and place trades.

    this is what i needed, so good job.

    Rating: 5
  86. Paula

    Spirit or Valor? Why not both?

    That’s what I’m doing. I am using both strategies, and it’s working like a CHARM.

    I have recommended these signals to many of my family members, and everyone is thanking me daily. I keep telling them to bake me cookies instead of praising me, but I’ll take both 🙂

    Rating: 5
  87. Darryl

    This is the most exceptional binary options tool I’ve ever come across.

    At first I wasn’t sure but now I know one thing, I love 15 minute expiry time trades!

    Rating: 5
  88. Kyle R.

    I’ve been with Binary Strategy for just over a month. This is the only binary options tool that’s ever worked for me.

    I’ve used hundreds of automated systems promising to make my dreams come true.

    Thanks for all you guys do.

    Rating: 5
  89. Ahmad

    the strategy signal is the best i use ever. i can say that this make my life easier because i never know of a signal that work until now. i try many other like snapcash and binary robot but nothing work until binary strategy.

    Rating: 5

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